Wednesday, March 26, 2008

KidPix and modelling writing

A great way to introduce KidPix to young children is to use it when you are modelling your writing. If you have a projector in your classroom...great! But otherwise you could use your class computer and work with a small group.

Tell them what you are doing as you are clicking on each option, that way you are showing them how to use KidPix, don't assume that they might know it!
Click on the ABC tool. Click on the page and your text box will appear Now we are going to type our sentence 'We went for a walk in the park'
"What do we start our sentence with? "
"A capital letter!"
"How do we do a capital letter on the keyboard?"
"We hold down the shift key on the opposite side of the keyboard to the letter we want to use."
The teacher demonstrates and gets children to have a go as well. The lesson can continue in this way.

Over time and different sessions introduce new buttons and tools such as the drawing tools.
Limit drawing tools to pencil, colour and paint can.
A great story starter is to click on the Background button and insert a background

Use the Stamp tool, add stamps to the background to build up a story. Use the text tool to type the story.

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