Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going to the Computer Lab

A lot of time can be wasted going to the computer lab, and this is very valuable time as there isn't much of it allocated to you. Here are some tips to make it a worthwhile experience.

  1. before you leave your classroom ensure that children know the rules and the things they have to do when they get to the lab. i.e. turn computers on, log on, open up server (if work needs to be saved there) open a Word or Pages document start practising touch typing their name (address, town etc). Younger ones can open KidPix and type the alphabet (doing all these things will not give children time to interfere with each other or 'ride the chairs', also keeps the noise down to a minimum)
  2. when you are teaching something new, make sure all eyes are on you and bodies are pointed your way, hands off the keyboard
  3. always repeat the task at least twice
  4. if some children are having the same difficulties, bring them up to your laptop and datashow and show them all over again
  5. have at least 3 monitors that can help with problems
  6. use that teachable moment with the more capable children and teach them something more advanced as you see they are coping with the original task
  7. make the tasks meaningful and authentic
  8. when finishing in the lab, make sure that all children know the procedures of how to shut down programmes correctly, and log out

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