Friday, June 19, 2009

Narrative writing: Teaching Model

Here is an example of a Narrative teaching model I would use with students. This would be used everyday, focusing on a different part of the model whether it be structural or grammatical. Each day I would also look at an alternative example of publishing.


  1. Jacqui I am so happy to have found your ICT Teaching & Learning site and am going to copy and use some of your ideas. You make it sound so simple. I do little ICT in class as I seem to think that I can't manage teaching it to a select few and run the rest of the class as well. In saying that we have completed some amazing comic life portraits and have set up a blogsite. Thank you for some amazing, useful ideas.

  2. Kia ora Jacqui for your sharing. As with all information; it is up to the teacher to personalise this for their particular contexts. What you have added in this presentation is a multitude of different approaches and supportive e-resources that can initiate further inquiry by teachers. Tino pai! Mary-Anne :)